Capital Procurement

Equity and Loans
We are proud to help promising companies with providing capital for growth and profitability in order to create values, as well as being proud of finding great companies for competent investors.

Through our international network of investors, we offer the following types of fund raising;


  • Private placement, from €1 to €10 mill
  • IPO, from €2 to €100 mill, through Norden CEF as Certified Advisor
  • Crowdfunding, up to €1 mill


  • Bond issues, from €2 to €10 mill
  • Direct lending, from €0,5 to €50 mill
  • Crowdfunding, up to €1 mill
  • Alternative to banks

Other M&A and General Management tasks;

  • Exit and Acquisition
  • Information Memorandum, Teaser, Prospect, etc.
  • Capital structure
  • Strategy planning and execusion
  • Valuation
  • Budgeting and Cash flow management
  • Management buy in/out (MBI/MBO)
  • Financial reporting
  • Incentive plans
  • Other

Capital is not just capital
We take honour and responsibilities in finding the best match. Whether equity- or loan capital the parties are expected to work together as partners for many years for mutual benefits. Matching investors and companies are very much similar to matching great employees with companies.

Our core competences are to match companies with investors and with employees, respectively

Modus Operandum
We work with a mutual action- and time plan, in order to have a clear overview and common goals.

Time frame for drawdown for loans are normally 1 to 3 months and for equity it is normally 3 to 6 months duration, respectively.