Our servivces includes;

Professional Search

Interim Management

Capital Procurement

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On the basis of international experience as CEO, CFO, COO, Board of Director and Headhunter, we offer solutions for the following needs;

Capital Procurement (euity and loans), Interim Management, and Professional Search with high integrity and complete confidentiality.

Our specialities are search for CFOs, CEOs, Board Members, Investors and other leaders and specialist.

Please see the attached Reference List.

Value creation – benchmark case;

“In 2012 I helped an insolvent cyber security software company in Copenhagen in finding a Danish venture capital investor who paid in EUR 1.2 mill cash against issues of new shares.

In 2016 the very same company was valued at EUR 40 mill and raised another EUR 12 mill in new capital from an international venture capital house.

In 2018 I was again asked to help the same software company but this time in finding a strong international CFO profile as the cyber security software company was approaching a valuation of EUR 80 mill and made growth strategy and plans to reach a valuation of EUR 1 bn. in 2020/21.

In 2020/21 I helped the same company in finding investors for convertible bonds with atractive conversion options”.

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